"reality is for people who lack imagination"

Hey there. I art. Hbu?

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Hey! Feel free to leave me a message, suggestion, any animes to watch or mangas to read ;D if you please ~

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twinkle twinkle little star

why is art so fuCKING HARD

#up above the world so high#i cant draw the OTHER EYE

twinkle twinkle little FUCK


what the-

I give up.

This is my anthem

I just got a RedBubble account… I’m selling a few of my works on there, so if you would like to buy something, check my art out here!

Also, if you would like to see any one of my works available to buy, just message me and I will put it up! Thanks~

me after getting a test back:


Yuzuru Hanyu won gold!

It was Japan’s first gold ever for that event, and possibly the most nerve-wracking four minutes of my life :’) So proud, he deserved it <3

sometimes this website is really nice and sweet

but then other times it’s just