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Days are getting shorter.

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im wearing my wcmc shirt right now in school manatiiniart

WAIT OMG ACTUALLY YO I’LL WEAR MINE TOMORROW DUUDE in sync with the math camp life

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Take my hand
Let’s see where we wake up tomorrow.

— (Adam Levine)

Had a day off from school today and finally got to draw again (:

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InkTober starts in 15 days. Who’s in? Rules and resources here:

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FINALLY got some time to draw a bit again but midway doing this I realized that you should never attempt stylized portraits when you have neither style nor portrait knowledge sighs where is this girl looking.

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Remnants of the Parade

Aaah a little artblocked right now, and unfortunately school starts tomorrow so I’m not sure what’s going to happen with that…

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More Copic practice! I think I’m getting a little better /: Unfortunately I don’t have one of those cool blendy markers… hmm.

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Took my sketchbook with me to some gardens today and did a few thumbnails and a bunch of studies! There were literally thousands of plants there, and also a chubby squirrel who had a love for potato chips.

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Summer break is almost over… I’m still right back where I started. Going to have to start going on hiatus soon but it’s still been a great summer (:

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Baby seal! They’re so cute.
Unlike Copics… first attempt at using them. How do these markers work.

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A study from a late bike ride yesterday… there were bugs everywhere.

I know mechanical pencils aren’t supposed to be for sketching, but I really like the line quality of this lead O:

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Korra Book 3 finale is online right now!   These are some backgrounds from this season and some comps from the finale.  I did the paint. layout was most likely either Angela Sung or William Niu.

Sweet, Fred’s on Tumblr now! I’m putting the finishing touches on the Book 3 Dark Horse art book right this moment, which includes most of Fred’s incredible paintings above, and many more from him and our other magnificent painters.


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Day 7: Purple


Last day! I’ll only be doing this for one week since school starts soon (and I gotta fit in that Korra fanart) but it was fun :D

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Another GIF from the Korra season 3 finale. 

More beautiful animation- I love how she twists as she takes off that rock pillars’ top. 

There were some insane awesome shots in both episodes and great choreography for the action sequences.

This whole action exterior sequence between Korra and Zaheer is co-executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos’ storyboarding/fight choreography masterpiece, especially the 20-plus-second continuous flying shot. It was a herculean undertaking, and he had some help cleaning up a few of the scenes by Owen Sullivan (on this one) and Shaun O’Neil. If you didn’t already know it, Joaquim is a force of nature when it comes to action animation!

actually more like the choreo from the ENTIRE SEASON was on point ugh I loved this book so much

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